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March 22, 2022 | Posted by Community Relations

Boyd Healthcare Services has some very exciting news of a new and important service to help our patients manage chronic conditions and live happier and more independently at home called Raziel.
Some of our patients may have already been called by Raziel and we want everyone to know this is an authorized health care company that Boyd is partnering closely with and not a spam call.
We encourage you to accept a call from Raziel and hear more about how this program can help you.
The Raziel program will provide us and you with important tracking data to follow your health from home. Their warm care team is available to you to help guide you and help you follow our treatment recommendations. Boyd is working closely with them and are extremely supportive of this program. The program is a covered Medicare benefit*.
This would be a big enhancement to your care and does not replace any of your in-office contact/ visits with your primary care provider. Importantly, Medicare and many other insurance carriers recognize this service and it is a covered benefit*
Boyd is excited to partner with Raziel. This partnership will help you feel your best and live life to the fullest. If you have a desire to know more or are ready to get started, please call Raziel directly at (888) 606-0972.
You can learn more about Raziel at
In health,
*Raziel can further explain coverage specifics as it may apply to you.