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August 8, 2018 | Posted by Community Relations

A multi-agency disaster exercise is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 17 at the White Hall Nursing and Rehab. There will be 8 agencies participating in the exercise which is set to begin at 9:00 a.m. and last until approximately 11:00 a.m. Boyd Hospital, Greene County Health Department and White Hall Nursing and Rehab have several objectives for the drill.
The exercise will test Boyd Hospital on how quickly they’re able to set up their triage treatment areas, how quickly they can contact off duty staff to help with additional patient load, and how well they can communicate using the STARCOM radio with all of the involved agencies. Boyd uses a system called SIREN to contact staff in an emergency. SIREN is a secure web-based persistent messaging and alerting system that leverages email, phone, text pagers and other messaging formats to provide 24/7/365 notification, alerting, and flow of critical information. This system provides rapid communication, alerting and confirmation between state and local agencies, public and private partners, target disciplines and authorized individuals in support of state and local emergency preparedness and response.
Greene County Health Department objectives include their ability to check on residents in the affected area, test their ability to contact off-duty staff (thru SIREN) for extra assistance and to see how well they will be able to communicate with Boyd and Police Departments thru STARCOM radio.
White Hall Nursing and Rahab objectives for the drill are to test their ability to safely and quickly evacuate their residents and staff from the facility and to test their ability to quickly notify off duty staff that they are needed for assistance with the evacuation process.
Boyd Hospital, Greene County Health Department and White Hall Nursing and Rehab are required to annually participate in a Community Wide Drill. This drill will help each facility to identify hazards and vulnerabilities within the corporate limits of Greene County and provides coordination to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from all natural and man-made emergencies and disasters regardless of size, or complexity. These agencies will take appropriate action in accordance with established Emergency Operational Plans to mitigate any harm to the citizens or property in Greene County.

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January 19, 2018 | Posted by Community Relations

Visitors to Haypress Falls Christmas display this past season live up to Denny and Sherry Vetter’s wish for this Christmas tradition. People in Greene County care about the people in Greene County. This is the third year that the donations for visiting the Christmas Display have been donated to the Gas Card for Cancer Program. Over the past three years this display has received donations of almost $5700 towards this program. Denny and Sherry Vetter of Haypress Falls and Ed Nolan from Exotic Animals and Petting Zoo started this Christmas Display several years ago and it continues to grow.
Since the beginning of this Gas Card Program in 2010, the Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Foundation has given over $56,000 in gas cards. (CALHOUN) The program is a very simple program , a patient must live in Greene County, and have to drive to receive cancer treatments. A form is completed each month the patient goes for treatment and the next month they received a $75.00 gas card from one of the gas stations in Greene County.
If you or someone you know is currently receiving cancer treatments and live in Greene or Calhoun county, or if you would like to donate to this program, please call 217-942-6946 and ask for administration.

January 18, 2018 | Posted by Community Relations

Over the past few weeks, patients in the outpatient therapy department utilized the beautiful Christmas print pillow cases that the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) from Greenfield made and donated to Boyd Memorial Hospital. The fabric was donated by the family of a deceased loved one. Members who participated in the community service project were Michaela Burrows, Abby McElroy, Heather Camden, Christopher Goldberg, Dana Newell and Paige White. Other students who helped were Teddy Richey and Mallory Goode. A group of students and their advisor LuAnn Hubbard brought the pillow cases to the hospital to be used for patients.

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