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Price Transparency

The Affordable Care Act’s price transparency requirement for hospitals to post all hospital charges for services is intended to assist patients with understanding their potential financial liability for services obtained at our hospital/clinics and to allow comparison for similar services across hospitals. Boyd Healthcare Services is committed to being transparent about our charges and allowing the public to access the charges associated with our inpatient and outpatient services. The chargemaster provided in the link below contains a comprehensive listing of our standard charges for these services provided by the hospital and clinics. The chargemaster is not a helpful tool for patients to compare and shop between hospitals or to determine the financial obligation of a visit. Your own charges and out-of-pocket expenses will depend on the actual patient care services you receive, the terms of your insurance coverage, and/or your eligibility for financial assistance.  In addition, patients may receive separate bills for independent contracted physicians or professionals providing services.

For more information about the cost of your care or to request an estimate, please contact Patient Financial Services at (217) 942-6530.



Price Transparency Tool