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January is HEALTHY!

January 20, 2016 | Posted by Community Relations

Thomas H Boyd Memorial Hospital is excited to welcome the new year and present a challenge to Hospital employees as well as their community; over the next few months Boyd Healthcare Services will begin to more directly tackle some of the biggest health issues facing their employees and patients: hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity.  The first stage of this plan will be available soon as preparations are already underway to have a “walking path” inside the hospital as well as outside; both paths will be marked for distance.  This development will serve as an option for anyone in our community to have a safe walking area available year-round.


As a part of January’s theme in ICAHN’s “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise” Campaign, we are also excited to highlight (Instructor) Holly Blumenberg's fitness classes held in the Reisch Dining Room at Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital! Holly teaches a "Fit for All" class on Monday mornings (9am) designed for older and/or overweight adults that are just starting on the path to a healthier lifestyle, this class is a little-to-no-impact class that primarily uses resistance bands; she also teaches "High Intensity Interval Training" (H.I.I.T.) on Tuesday evening (5pm) that is geared towards participants looking for a higher impact/more intense workout. All classes are open to the public for $3 or $5 (respectively), we'd love to have you join!


We have attached a photo of a recent H.I.I.T. class held at Boyd, instructor Holly Blumenberg is pictured in the green tank top, second row.