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July 6, 2016 | Posted by Community Relations



Boyd Healthcare Services’ Rehabilitation Department is the recent recipient of two new pieces of equipment to better serve patients utilizing Therapy services at Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital. The two pieces of equipment will be used primarily with cardiac rehabilitation patients and physical/occupational therapy patients within the rehab department.


The first piece of equipment, a low profile recumbent bike, is better suited for semi-immobile patients that may be looking to build strength or motion in their lower half extremities.  The lower seating option along with many features of the bike make it more easily accessible and give the rider a more thorough experience with the lighted display of muscles being worked, continuous heart rate, and a reclining back rest.  The second piece of equipment, a “fluid cycle”, is an upgrade to the previous machine of the same style and is often used for building strength/motion is upper extremities; it is also a lower impact option for patients looking to raise their heart rate to build stamina after a major surgery or heart disease.


Both of these pieces of equipment along with training for staff have been provided through an Outpatient Services FLEX Grant with Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network.  For more information on Rehabilitation Services or Therapy options, please call (217)942-6946.




Daryl Riechmann of Carrollton experiences the new recumbent bike as Corrine Kemmish, Registered Cardiopulmonary Nurse, monitors his progress.











































The display of the new recumbent bike makes it easier for the patient to see his/her progress and current stats.