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Boyd's Closet Purchases New Equipment

December 14, 2016 | Posted by Community Relations

Boyd’s Closet is an entity of Thomas H. Boyd Hospital that accepts donations in the form of home goods and décor, clothing of all sizes, accessories, books and much more.  They sell the gently used items for a small profit, then purchase equipment needed by Boyd Healthcare Services.  Earlier this year the volunteers from Boyd’s Closet, whom are known as “Friends of Boyd”, asked for a list of needs from Departments and Clinics within Boyd Healthcare Services, and they are fulfilling requests as often as their revenue allows.  As recent as the beginning of December, Inpatient Services, EMS, and Laboratory have received a few items from their wish lists.


Emergency Medical Service (EMS) recently received two (2) ‘Rescu-Air’ Air Filled Child Transport Seats, a Prestan Professional CPR-AED family pack (two (2) adult and one (1) child and two (2) infant CPR manikins), and two (2) Laderal Suction Units (LSU), which will be utilized in the Ambulances currently in use.  The Laboratory recently received a full sized refrigerator, and Inpatient Services received three (3) chair/bed alarm sensor pads. 


EMS Supervisor, Kris Templin, recently explained the importance of the new equipment his department received.  “With the recent changes in CPR and American Heart Association (AHA) emphasis on high quality CPR, and making sure we keep the ‘hard and fast’ compression rate of 100-120 beats per minute, we needed the new manikins as they will visually display colored lights to let the instructor and student know if they are compressing at the proper depth and rate”, Templin said. 


The LSU’s received will be taking the place of the hand powered units they previously used; and the hand powered units will become back-ups.  The new LSU unit is a portable, electrically powered, medical suction unit intended for field and transport use.  These devices are light weight and can be used with a battery or with direct AC/DC connection. 


The final item EMS received, the Rescu-Air Child Transport Seat, Templin discussed as being “a greater level of protection” over the traditional hard plastic car seat on the market today.  The air filled seat is designed to safely transport children (20-40 lbs. and under 40 inches in height) in a cushion of air while they are being transported by EMS personnel in an ambulance.  The seat is rear facing, and in an ambulance, the child occupant will be facing the rear of the ambulance.  It is also contained in its own carry case when deflated for easy and convenient storage.


The Laboratory and Inpatient Services have also received a few items since Friends of Boyd began their gifting.  Most recently, the Laboratory received a full sized refrigerator which will be used strictly for reagents.  Director of Nursing, Judy Brannan, stated that Inpatient services received three (3) chair/bed alarm sensor pads.  These alarm sensors are designed to alert the Nursing Staff when a fall risk patient has made an attempt to move without assistance.

Friends of Boyd have been very generous to the hospital not just recently, but also in the past.  Prior gifts included such items as a microscope for the Laboratory, education books (skills enhancement) for EMS and nursing, scales for CHF program, laryngoscopes for ambulances, a refrigerator for vaccine storage and tables and chairs for the Reisch Conference Room. 


Thomas H. Boyd Hospital is thankful for all that Boyd’s Closet and the Friends of Boyd have gifted.  We also realize this wouldn’t be possible without the donations provided by the community, and the people that make purchases at Boyd’s Closet.