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Critical Care Certified Paramedic

December 1, 2016 | Posted by Community Relations

Critical Care Transport


Boyd Healthcare Services employs a second Critical Care Certified Paramedic in 2016.  James Crafton, Paramedic, has recently received his Certification which is Nationally Recognized, and will allow him to provide critical care during inter-facility transports. 

The premise behind the Critical Care Transport (CCT) program is that paramedics and nurses routinely participate in inter-facility transports involving complex medical patients (i.e. "critical care patients").  A Critical Care Paramedic is deployed whenever a patient has care needs exceeding the current local EMS standards for Advanced Life Support ambulance providers.  

Crafton’s education required to obtain this certification involved 72 dictation hours and 24 clinical hours; including clinical experience in the Critical Care Unit and Advanced Respiratory Care.  This certification will allow the ambulance Crafton is operating to carry additional medication and advanced life support equipment.

Crafton has been a Paramedic for 9 years, and in EMS for 14 years.  He has been employed with Boyd Healthcare Services since 2015 and volunteers with the Greenfield Fire Department.