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Registration Remodel

March 1, 2017 | Posted by Community Relations

Remodel Progress


Over the years there have been many changes take place throughout the hallways of Boyd Hospital.  In the last 10 years alone, there have been location changes of departments and offices, along with several new additions to the hospital.

At one time in the last 10 years, we housed a nursing home, known as Reisch Nursing Home.  When we were no longer capable of keeping that as part of our facility, our Inpatient (IP) Floor (aka South End) moved to the North end of our hospital, to allow us to offer private rooms to our Inpatients as well as Swingbed patients that are with us for short term recovery.  We’ve added a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) to the “South End”, and transformed the old IP rooms to a RHC waiting room, Clinic rooms and an Ultrasound room. 

Some might remember our RHC rooms being housed in the ER entrance hallway.  These rooms have been since been transformed into the Chapel and Heartstrings Gift Shop.  Our Physical Therapy Department has also expanded, allowing them to not only use the Wellness Center, but two private rooms for their patients, too.  The open space in the Wellness Center allowed for us to add a Cardiac Rehab to the facility.

Our most recent update has been the Registration office.  Upon entering the hospital at the ER entrance, you will notice that the Registration office is now on the left.  What was once the only ER room in the hospital - later transformed to the cast room – is now the new Registration area.  The old Registration area is currently under construction to become the new Waiting Room, and Vending area.

We at BHS are proud of the efforts we make to keep our hospital visually appealing, while continuing to honor our patients and staff with safety first.   While no one project is more important than another, these are only a small portion of the updates you’ll find over the last several years, when walking the hallways here at Boyd Hospital.