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Therapy Department

Our therapy services offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes.  A personalized treatment plan will be established by an experienced and licensed professional for each individual to provide the best care and optimal results.  We provide a friendly and encouraging environment as well as an upbeat atmosphere.  Our team is motivating, compassionate and friendly with over 96 years of experience in the Physical Therapy department, 24 years in the Occupational Therapy department and 28 years in the Speech Therapy department.

We offer conventional hours and will do our best to accommodate any schedule.



Monday – Friday 6 a.m. – 5 p.m.



Physical Therapy : Our PT team offers outpatient, inpatient and home health physical therapy services.  With PT, we strive to improve a patient’s ability to function in their daily lives.  We work with a wide variety of diagnoses that are orthopedic, muscular or neurological in nature.  We provide a skilled treatment plan that consists of strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises and a range of modalities that can aid in decreasing pain while improving overall function.  We serve all ages of patients at Boyd.  For example, we help with developmental milestones in children, athletes working to return to sports, as well as working with the older population to help them carry out safe and independent lifestyles.  In addition to our current modalities, we are able to offer Dry needling and Graston Technique to assist in decreasing pain.  We pride ourselves at Boyd to provide caring, compassionate and effective care for each one of our patients.


Occupational Therapy : OT provides holistic and client centered services for all ages.  Our goal is to help build everyday life skills so each individual can live life to the fullest, or return to their previous way of living.  OT services include inpatient and outpatient for those with neurological disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson ‘s Disease, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury, orthopedic injury or repetitive use syndrome of the elbow, wrist or hand, pediatric disorders including autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, developmental delays or sensory issues, fall prevention/balance training and vestibular disorders.


Speech Therapy is offered on an Inpatient and Outpatient option.  Our Speech Therapist has 8 years of experience working with the geriatric and adult population, assessing and treating disorders of swallowing, cognition, voice and communication.


For more information regarding our Physical Therapy Department, please call (217) 942-6946, ext. 1352.